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Yuburn is a software and IoT development company started in early June of 2015 by CTO Marius Băisan and CEO Andrei Canache.

The main purpose of the company is to use the newest technologies in IT to create the most powerful apps for the most demanding users.


Prospect Med Ro



Prospect Med Ro

Search through leaflets, view them, get all the information about medicines.

Grobyk - collaboration app

Web App

Grobyk - content marketers tool

The main idea of Grobyk is to help teams to grow as a unitary entity, members of a team can partake in sharing useful information, like articles in their fields of interest.

Grobyk - content marketing

Web App


Grobyk is organizing ready-to-use, trending information from your chosen sources, using Artificial Intelligence algorithms. The 3 words pitch is: Instant Relevant Research.

Our Team

Marius  Băisan
Chairman & CTO

Andrei Canache
Chairman & CEO

Dragoș Niculescu

Arman Abbasi

Patricia Todor
Content Marketer